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The All Seeing Hand China Tour 2017

Kiwese Presents:
China Tour 2017
With Kaishandao & E/N/T
Poster by Daily Secretion.

“This is not music for the light-hearted or easily distressed.”
– Soundly Sounds

Kiwese is proud to present The All Seeing Hand x Kaishandao x E/N/T China Tour 2017. For fans of the heavy, strange and transcendental. For adventurous sonic explorers…

The first time I saw The All Seeing Hand was on a darkened high ropes course. It was the last night of Camp A Low Hum 2012 and the remaining punters were floating around in that special state of mutual derangement so often reserved for the last night of music festivals.

Whether it was the three silhouetted figures thrashing beneath an enormous eye, the breakneck, body-pummeling drum rolls, bass-heavy synth screams, or the likelihood that the entire crowd was tripping on acid, there was immediately a sense of the occult about this band.

“Oh my god, what is this?!” yelled someone in the crowd.
“This is mind control!” shouted another.

Was this mind expansion or mind control? Inspired performance art, or visions of the possessed? Whatever it was, that night in the forest, we looked into the eye of The All Seeing Hand and everything changed.

What kind of music is this?

“This isn’t head-bang metalcore, but more an inventive electro-prog which values minimalism as much as collision,” writes Elsewhere, “it’s as likely to come from the writings of Philip K. Dick as it is the music of Bauhaus,” writes Off the Tracks.

From the depths of the Wellington underground, I am ecstatic to present The All Seeing Hand to Chinese audiences for the first time in the most ambitious Kiwese tour yet, spanning over three weeks and ten cities from Inner Mongolia to Fujian.

New Zealand artist Nathan Taare will join the journey as E/N/T, while I will also play support with my new techno noise project Kaishandao. This far out journey will also be documented by none other than filmmaker Illojgali a.k.a Dan Harris!


We’ll see you there… tell your friends!!

The All Seeing Hand and that all seeing eyeball at Valhalla 5 July 2014. With Orchestra of Spheres and Seth Frightening.

THE ALL SEEING HAND are a 3-piece from Wellington, New Zealand. Their musical world touches many soundscapes, while being complete in its own language. It is a gateway, opening ears to the sonic environment of machine and emotion, a “menacing clash of electronics, smashing drums and throat-singing, a sound akin to Tibetan monks on speed.”  

Throat singing, frenzied drumming and thundering turntable tones… a pulverizing amalgam of electronic doom, “industrial khoomei,” clash metal and mind-bending sensory sorcery.

Alphabethead is known around New Zealand from many festival and club shows. An innovative turntablist and producer who cut his teeth in the hip-hop battle scene, delving into a diversity of sounds like orchestral gamelan, Inuit folk music, post-punk and electronica. His bass heavy approach in The All Seeing Hand makes for a full body response to the music.

Ben Knight is a pulverising drummer with rhythmic dexterity steeped in relentless energy. Having emerged from the Dunedin DIY punk and hardcore scene in the late 1990s, Ben pushes himself to the verge of vomiting in his commitment to the beat.

Jonny Marks uses his voice as a vehicle to explore timbre and the parts of our brains that language does not inhabit. Having trekked to Inner Mongolia to study khoomei for years, he incorporates techniques of throat-singing with voice box stretching explorations to create an animal human other.

L-R: David Morrison aka Alphabet head (Turntables / Electronics), Jonny Marks (Throat) and Ben Knight (Drums). Image from Undertheradar.


“Seven levels of fucked up weirdness.”
– Sonic Masala

The All Seeing Hand are worshipped across Australasia for their intense, immersive ritual performances that leave observers in an ecstatic state of wonder and confusion. They are constantly collaborating with artists to create unforgettable displays of costume and projection mapping.

The All Seeing Hand have toured extensively around NZ & Australia, and been described by Flying Nun as “a highly vaunted live act.” They have inspired, conquered and pulverized audiences at festivals including Camp A Low Hum (Wellington), Lines of Flight (Dunedin), Newtown Festival, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival (Auckland) and Now Fest.

They have released the albums《The All Seeing Hand》(2011),《Mechatronics》(2013),《Fog and Debris》(2014) and《Sand to Glass》 (2016)。The All Seeing Hand are signed to UK-based label Muzai Records.

The All Seeing Hand recognises progress
The All Seeing Hand facilitates progress.
The All Seeing Hand is progress.
Extraction is progress.
Conversion is progress.
The All Seeing Hand converts.

You are already part of The All Seeing Hand.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allseeinghand
豆瓣: https://site.douban.com/allseeinghand
网易云: http://music.163.com/#/artist?id=839696
Bandcamp: https://the-all-seeing-hand.bandcamp.com



Transplanted from New Zealand, Chengdu-based Kaishandao has been slashing the divide between the club and live music scenes in Chengdu, playing everywhere from darkened dancefloors to pool parties and dive bars. Coming from a background of garage rock and bedroom cassette recordings, Kaishandao uses an electric guitar, effects, synthesizers and radio noise to create a kind of “dystopian techno drone,” influenced by krautrock, experimental music, Beyoncé and the Poly Centre (R.I.P.)

Disorientating lo-hifi dance music for the lonely hearts and high-wired souls.



Dark, ambient, heavy, deep, post punk, minor, psychedelic, hazy, trancy, intense, afro-goth…..

E/N/T (Otolaryngology) is the musical pseudonym of New Zealand born artist Nathan Taare. E/N/T is sonic art that takes ideas and motivations from noise-rock, post-punk and sound installation to create an intriguing and wonderful collage of moods and movements.



北京 Beijing / School
The All Seeing Hand / Kaishandao / E/N/T
Support:不在话下 (not in catalog)
VJ: C.A.I.N.

北京 Beijing / Temple Bar
The All Seeing Hand
Support:None & Hind Brain

包头 Baotou / 为Livehouse
The All Seeing Hand / Kaishandao / E/N/T

呼和浩特 Hohhot / DeepSwing
Alphabethead DJ Workshop

呼和浩特 Hohhot / 往事Livehouse
The All Seeing Hand / Kaishandao / E/N/T
+ Alphabethead DJ Set

西安 Xi’an / 迷蝶Livehouse
The All Seeing Hand / Kaishandao / E/N/T

成都 Chengdu / NU SPACE
The All Seeing Hand / Kaishandao / E/N/T
Visuals:PLGRM x BiggerCha

重庆 Chongqing / 坚果 NUTS Livehouse
The All Seeing Hand / Kaishandao / E/N/T
Support:Shity Work
+ Alphabethead DJ Set

武汉 Wuhan / VOX
The All Seeing Hand / Kaishandao / E/N/T
+ Alphabethead After Party DJ Set

上海 Shanghai / 育音堂 Yuyintang
The All Seeing Hand / Kaishandao / E/N/T
Support:解离的真实 Mirrors

杭州 Hangzhou, Loopy
The All Seeing Hand / Kaishandao / E/N/T
Visuals: Kanes

义乌 Yiwu / 隔壁
The All Seeing Hand / Kaishandao / E/N/T

厦门 Xiamen, 星空下
哑音乐节 YA FEST


A Wellingtonian in Xiamen

Did you know Wellington has a sister city in China? Her name is Xiamen 厦门She is an island city of 3.5 million people on the south Fujian coast, and she is lovely.

Kiwese went to Xiamen for a few days and spoke to various people who have made the city their home.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.35.25 pmScreen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.35.31 pm

Nestled down on the south-east coast of the Mainland, Xiamen 厦门 was chosen as Wellington’s sister city in 1987, after Prime Minister David Lange pushed for more sisterhood during a trip to China in the early 80s. You got it, sistah.

Xiamen has named a street in the capital’s honour 惠灵顿路 and established a ‘Wellington Garden’ at their Horticultural Expo Garden, complete with native plants and sculptures like the ones on the City to Sea Bridge. Last year, a deal was signed to establish a Chinese garden on the Wellington Waterfront, a casual twenty years after the idea was first raised. Good ol’ speedy NZ.

Zengcuo’an 曾厝垵

I stayed at the Antelope Hostel in Zengcuo’an 曾厝垵, a former fishing village on the south coast. Antelope owner and new media creative enthusiast Lingyang 羚羊, originally from Sichuan, started her small hostel in the area four years ago, back when it was still a quiet set of stone streets inhabited by local eateries and B&Bs, along with a community of artists, musos, writers and poets who began to made the area their home in the late 1990s, attracted to the gentle pace of life, dilapidated charm and ocean breeze.

“About two years ago, the Government decided that Zengcuo’an would be the new arts and tourism hub of Xiamen,” she says, as we chat over cups of green tea in the homely common area of the Antelope, “since then, the rent has soared, everyone moved out and it all turned into KTV bars, souvenir shops and overpriced snack stands.” she sighs. “It used to be so quiet.”

“The artists moved away to a different area. Every time people start making unique things, development comes in and it all becomes the same again. The stuff for sale at these kind of shops is the same all over China.”

Sadly, Zengcuo’an has now transformed into another tacky tourist trap, full of selfie-sticked visitors who pass through the area for a few hours, littering the once quaint and quiet streets with shaokao sticks and snack rubbish. Read more about the old artist community of Zengcuo’an here.

Antelope Hostel.
Antelope Hostel. A welcome refuge from the noise and bustle that Zengcuo’an has become.

Sea 海洋 

I came across an old Landfall 1993 at Xiamen Library, too scrappy to be included in the cabinet with the hardcover All Blacks book and Wellington photo collection, yet effortlessly more valuable in sentiment. This issue included the poem ‘Weather’ by Jenny Bornholdt, which opens with the lines: Air ripe / With the sea.

Yes. Both Xiamen and Wellington have air ripe with the sea.

That familiar sandy grit underfoot, waves lapping around my ankles. Ocean, moana, 海洋. It was a beautiful thing to be reunited with the sea during my visit to Xiamen. Unlike Qingdao, the only other Mainland coastal town I’ve visited in China, Xiamen’s beaches are remarkably well maintained – certainly the result of the painstaking hours the beach cleaners put in from 5am every morning.

IMG_8601 IMG_8604

Beach Culture 海滩文化

While Wellingtonians reach for their togs and towels when the sun comes out, the attitude towards the beach is notably different in China, partly due to the prevailing, historic notions of white skin and beauty. There is a different kind of relationship with the ocean here. Unlike the beaches full of locals in Qingdao, nobody was swimming. Though it is still winter, I guess!

Tucked down by the Hulishan Cannon Fort on Zhenzhuwan Beach 珍珠湾沙滩, two Dutch sailors have established a small beachside sanctuary. Handmade bamboo beach chairs, teepee chill out zones, an outdoor stage and sound system, a brazier for campfires and a caravan serving beer and snacks, the Daring Duck has created a unique and beach minded space unlike anything else in Xiamen.

Co-owner Mark says he and scout leader Paul managed to secure the area on a one year lease from the local Government, under a mandate that they run outdoor activities for children. The Daring Duck offers sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding, as well as scout programs which have been well-received by the kids.

“Qingdao was used for all the water sports during the Olympics,” Mark says, as we chat over some Tsingdaos, “but the conditions are actually much better for sailing here in Xiamen.”

Daring Duck
Daring Duck

Beer 啤酒

These days, Wellington is overflowing with craft beer, the city is crying happy, hoppy, alcoholic tears. And in Xiamen?

German designers David and Felix originally came to Xiamen to give a series of lectures at the Xiamen University of Technology. They stayed on, bought some beer gear off Taobao and started their own craft beer brand and bar Amoy Brau on Daxue Lu 大学路, near Xiamen University and Shapowei 沙坡尾.


Co-owner David and his gf Ting Ting at the original Amoy Brau on Daxue Lu, near Shapowei.
Co-owner David and his girlfriend Ting Ting at the original branch on Daxue Lu, near Shapowei.

I sat down for a glass of 7 Horses IPA 七匹马 and had a chat with co-founder David. “We want to make beer for Chinese customers,” he says, pouring a glass beaker of beer for a crew of hip young gals, “so we use local products in our brews, like yángméi 杨梅 (bayberry), lychee, Chinese tea and flowers.”

Amoy Brau appears to be well liked by the local community, and at one point David gets invited down the road by an old lady to look at the spread she has made for Chinese New Year. He returns and shows me some photos of the elaborate handmade decorations they’ve made for their ancestors. “Our clients are about 80% Chinese,” he says, “first it was locals from the area, just drinking on the chairs we’ve got on the street.”

Over in Zengcuo’an, the second coming of Amoy Brau has been open for three weeks. Co-founder Felix says it has been a bit slow so far, as the type of foot traffic in the area are predominately Chinese tourists who aren’t so interested in sitting down for a beer or coffee.

IMG_8757 IMG_8756

The Amoy Brau boys are currently working on a new bar down the road at Shapowei, in an old factory building next to Real Livehouse, the only real live music venue in Xiamen. Having run electronic dance parties in the tunnels beneath the city, David also hopes that the new factory space will get a bit more of an electronic scene happening in the city.

Public Transport 公交

Public buses in Xiamen cost 1RMB per trip. That’s about 20 cents. While the buses are popular with tourists and locals, the roads around the south of the island and near the university are heavily congested, due to a growing population, a ban on electric scooters on main roads and a complete ban on motorcycles. Cheap as chips though and very convenient. Come on Wellington!

Street Art 街头艺术

The pedestrian street of Ding Ao Zi Mao Jie 顶澳仔猫街 is home to some interesting cat street art. The street is home to a wide range of different stores, stretching down from cafes, a yoga studio, the Chinese European Art Centre and clothing stores, right down to streetside vegetable ladies and seafood restaurants.

IMG_6180 IMG_8423

The bottom of the street leads into a quiet residential zone, where old apartment buildings cluster together peacefully around coffee shops and small independent clothes shops. Left Bank feels.

University 大学

Xiamen University 厦门大学, known as Xiada 厦大 for short, is well known for being the most beautiful university in China and it is not difficult to see why. The campus also doubles as a tourist attraction and on the weekends you may even need to queue to get in. Xiamen University has an exchange relationship with Victoria University of Wellington.



In addition, Xiamen University has an enormous amount of scenic areas, mountains and gardens to explore. A thirty minute walk up the hill and I found myself walking past cabbage patches, mango trees and goat herders. I spoke with an old local man in the Botanic Garden area, who commented on the suōluó 桫椤 (ferns) in New Zealand! Asked of his impressions of Wellington, he launched into a tirade about Falun Dafa handing out brochures on the street.

Islands 岛屿

Wellington has Matiu/Somes, Xiamen has Gulangyu 鼓浪屿. A brief but squashed ferry ride away from Xiamen Island, Gulangyu is small island home to a range of old European architecture, built by foreign powers who came to the island in the early 20th century.

IMG_6242 IMG_8670

Weather was crap when I went and there were hordes and hordes of other tourists, so I didn’t love it really. Same kind of souvenir shops and snacks as the ones in Zengcuo’an. But apparently the east side of the island is much quieter and has a lovely little beach.

Change 变化

While Xiamen and Wellington share their similarities by the sea, the pace of change and development in Xiamen over the past two years has seen the quiet trading port transform into one of China’s most popular tourist destinations. Someone even claimed that last year Xiamen had more tourists than the Great Wall of China. Meanwhile in Wellington, the biggest change we saw was arguably the opening of a new fish and chip shop in Mount Victoria.

From a foreign visitor’s perspective, walking through Xiamen’s old areas and seeing the continuation of tradition of that generates around them is at the heart of the joy and charm of the city. Now that Xiamen’s stone export industry has stabilised, the development of the tourism industry is changing the face of the city.

However, it appears the local community spirit is strong. Residents around the temple near Hulishan Fort were evicted and had their homes demolished. Dozens of them have poured their compensation payouts into the renovation of the temple, with residential housing below ground. Around sixty residents are set to move back into the neighbourhood beneath the temple once completed. Brilliant.

Almost complete: two skyscrapers on the horizon, easily the tallest buildings in the southern area.
Almost complete: two skyscrapers on the horizon, easily the tallest buildings in the southern area. Set to be a luxury hotel and shopping centre.

Xiamen. Visit now before it changes forever.

This piece was made with the generous support of the Wellington-Xiamen Association. 


Not just a girl band: Interview with Ming Ming from The Hormones

It’s that time of the month! Local Chengdu indie-rock band the Hormones 荷尔蒙小姐乐队 will kick off their first ever national tour tonight at Little Bar 小酒馆.

Bassist and lyricist Ming Ming 明明 invited me over for dinner to talk about vengeful elephants in Yunnan, menstrual cycles on tour and the new EP.

The Hormones 荷尔蒙小姐乐队, are a five-piece indie-rock band from the land of abundant greenery Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan.

Keyboardist Xiao Lijing 小李静 and guitarist (plus amazing cheesecake-baker) Xiao Xue 小雪 first had dreams to start a band as kids at primary school. The conglomeration of Juan Juan 娟娟 on drums, Ming Ming 明明 on bass and finally Zhu Meng Die 朱梦蝶 as lead vocalist, the Hormones entered the bloodstream of the local Chengdu music scene in 2011.

The band are about to embark on a fifteen date tour of China to promote the release of their debut EP ‘Elephant’ 《象》 starting tonight at Little Bar, Chengdu and concluding down at VOX, Wuhan on 11 November. You can check them out on Douban.

Juan Juan 娟娟 (drums), Zhu Meng Die 朱梦蝶 (lead vocals/acoustic guitar), Xiao Xue 小雪 (lead guitar), Ming Ming 明明 (bass) and Xiao Lijing 小李静 (keyboards)

KIWESE: Hey Ming Ming! How did the Hormones start out? 

MING MING: We formed back in 2011. People in China hear a lot of Chinese pop music growing up, ya know? So when we first started the band, we did Chinese pop music, but it had absolutely no meaning whatsoever.

2011年开始成立了。向中国人,他就是听很多中国pop music 长大的,你知道吗?所以你就会去搞,然后我们刚开始我们就去做Chinese pop music 但是一点意思都没有。

The singer we had before worked at a serious bank job and had no way of continuing in the band. So we searched for a new lead singer and found Zhu Meng Die! When we heard her sing and play acoustic guitar, she did Rolling in the Deep by Adele and changed it from 4/4 to 3/3. We could tell she had a unique feeling, and all completely agreed on her. She just gets it – she understands the music and has a feeling for it.

然后主唱因为她work for bank, 很正常很严谨很serious, 所以她没有办法搞乐队。然后我们就再找主唱,search search。。。朱梦蝶, 可以!虽然当时我们听她弹木吉唱歌的时候,她唱的是Adele, 《Rolling in the Deep》, 是四拍, 但是她自己把它改变了三拍。我们听她有一种不一样的感觉, 所以真的觉得她可以。她会懂这种音乐,她会了解,她会感受到。她想干什么就干什么,他觉得没有关系.

How do you compose songs as a band?

I write all of our lyrics. So often it’s the lyrics first, then we will create the music around them. The keyboard could run a loop, then the bass and drums, guitar, and vocals will join in.

我们的歌词全部都是我写。然后,我们就会根据这个歌词来做。所以先写歌词,然后再有keyboard会给一个loop,然后bass, 然后鼓,然后吉他,然后唱。

How do you write the lyrics?

The ideas just come from everyday life. For example, you are having to stand on the bus and there are no seats, you can imagine the bus is like a skateboard! Chinese society can be kind of depressing sometimes, you know? People eating smelly food on the bus or whatever, it’s kind of dirty and gross – but if you keep thinking about how uncomfortable it is then it will be worse. So you may as well make it interesting for yourself!

你去感受你生活,你就会有idea,你就会有感觉。比如说:你做公交车,没有座位了,standing, 你可以把那个公交车它想像是一个skateboard. 中国的那种社会就是很压抑的,你不得不做一辆巴士,然后有可能那个车上的人他可能吃东西很丑,或者很怎么样,很dirty 你很难受,但是如果你想你自己难受你会更难受,你还不如把它有趣一点.

When did you first start getting into music and playing guitar?

Junior high school. I played guitar, then moved to Chengdu [from Leshan] to play guitar at Sichuan School of Music during high school. But I thought the exams were meaningless and I didn’t really like to play the stuff they gave me. I wanted to do my own thing. Like Tan Dun. He uses a violin to make erhu sounds. He uses water and paper. It’s very cool.

初中。我弹木吉他。然后我到了高中我住在成都,四川音乐学院的一个 high school, play guitar. 但是我考的时候不考怎么样。。。我觉得没意思。因为你去copy 没有用。我想做自己的东西。比如说谭盾. He uses a violin to make erhu sounds. He uses water and paper. It’s very cool.

Some of your songs are written in English, tell me about that. 

I think that within a song, English pronunciation is easier than Chinese. There can be strange melodies when you sing Chinese in a song. But eventually I want all our songs to be in Chinese. It’s not a pride thing, it’s that Chinese is our mother tongue – I feel I am in complete control of the language. So I don’t think our songs in English are written that well. Using your mother tongue gets you closer the the meaning you want to convey. I think Chinese is a lot more direct.

我觉得英文的要字儿比较easy,不象Chinese很难。放到歌曲里面有可能这个melody 不好,还是很奇怪。我决定以后所有的歌都用中文。我不是为此感到proud of this,很骄傲。中文是我们的母语。我觉得I can control this language. 完全知道。所以我们的英文歌词写得不好。用你的母语更能接近你想表达的意思。我觉得中文更直接一点。

Why is the new EP called ‘Elephant’?

An elephant can remember everything, if you hurt him, he can remember your smell. 在中国,在云南只有一次,一个村庄 [in Yunnan, China, out in the countryside] people killed a little elephant.

In Xishuangbanna?

Yes, bingo! Xishuangbanna. This baby elephant got lost in the countryside and walked into a village and trampled the maize and wheat crops, so the villagers beat it to death. After some time, a big group of elephants returned and destroyed the countryside.

对!Bingo, 真的在西双版纳。他们傻了一头baby elephant, 因为那个baby elephant 迷路了,它走到了一篇村庄里面去。野生的. 它踩到那些村庄那些麦子,粮食,然后那些村民就把它打死了。打死了过后,过了一段时间,然后那片野生的elephant destroyed the countryside.

Wait, what???

The person who killed the baby elephant went to jail, but his wife still had his scent. So one day when his wife was out in the fields, a group of elephants came and trampled her to death. They could smell the man’s scent on her. She was with her sister at the time, but they only attacked the wife, not the sister.

他去监狱了过后,但是他的妻子有他的气味。他的wife 有一天。。。一群大象就把她踩死了。因为他们闻到这个气味。而且他的wife 和她的sister在一起, 它们没有攻击她的sister, 只攻击wife.

Wait, what?? 

REALLY. I’m still not finished. After that, 在墓地 [at the cemetery], the elephants came and trampled over where she was buried.

Wow. Why does ‘Elephant’ only have three songs, seems a bit short?

I want to do a surprise when our tour ends, I will put all the songs on the internet. It’s actually six, like on the CD.

What expectations do you have of the tour?

When I write lyrics, I hope they will resonate with people. Like when I watch Foals live videos, I am so moved – they make me want to pursue my dreams and never give up. I want [our music] to touch people in the same way, and to have them remember this feeling. I think this is more important than people knowing who you are. I don’t care if people like us or not, if I cared, we’d just play pop music.

我期盼能够。。。因为我写很多歌词,我期盼很多人能够有共鸣。 For example when I see Foals live, 我就会觉得我被感染了,我想我应该有一个梦想,我应该去这样做,我不应该放弃。我要让别人被打动。I think this is more important than people knowing who you are. 他可能记住了这种感觉。我不在乎别人喜不喜欢。如果我在乎别人喜欢的话我就做pop music。

Tell me about the Hormones’ new songs.

One of our new songs is called ‘Red Teardrops.’ You are a red tear drop, turning young hearts red. I think this song is interesting, every person is a red tear drop.

我们有一个新歌,我觉得非常感人的那首歌,《Red Teardrops, 红色的眼泪》 “你是一滴红颜泪,染红青年人的心脏。” 而且Red Teardrops这首歌很有意思,就是我觉得每一个人是一滴红颜泪.

What do you mean by ‘red tear drop’?

At the School of Music, there was a teacher who accused a cleaner of stealing 1000RMB. The cleaner denied it, but obviously the college sided with the teacher. The cleaner was in a helpless position, cleaning toilets for a living, and had no way of paying the money back. So she jumped from a building. When someone accuses you of doing something you did not do and you have no way out. All you want to do is cry. This is red tear drops.

好,我先给你讲。 四川音乐学院有一个工人, a cleaner, 然后有一个teacher 说这个清洁工偷了我一千块,那个清洁工说我没有,然后这个学院肯定需要更爱这个teacher一点,所以这个cleaner 就到了一个不好的一个去打扫卫生,她就很生气,其实这个前的数目不多,然后他就跳楼了。她就为了证明她。 This is unfair. It is not human. For 1000RMB. People pushed her to her death. So I wrote some lyrics about this. 冤枉了你,就说你做你没有做的事情有吗?从小到现在,有吗? 那个时候就是你红色的眼泪。你没有办法说出来,你很生气只要哭。就是这个意思。



Any cities you are particularly looking forward to?

I’ve heard VOX Livehouse in Wuhan is very good. I’ve been friends with Liangyi, the singer from Stolen 秘密心动,  since we were classmates in high school. He told me the sound techs at VOX are very quick and professional.

What is the connection with New Noise?

Jeff from New Noise has helped us a lot with contacting livehouses, he sent me the information and let me contact them.

“Yes, we are girls – but it’s not a style!”


How do you feel you are received as an all-girl band?

A lot of stuff comes up. Like a lot of venues have booked girl bands as the warm up act just because they are girls. It’s really strange. Why have they got a heavy metal band opening for us? It’s like when Lydia (Zaomengshe) was working at that company. She’s a foreign woman. Then they sat her with another department because they are all foreigners. WHY??

Some people are stupid but you don’t have to talk to them. Someone on Weibo said “show us your underwear!” It is very stupid.

But an all guys band could go on tour and not have to worry about five girls having their period [laughs].

Who are some of your favourite bands at the moment?

FoalsSavagesGajinSnaplineStolen, Toe.

Thanks, Ming Ming!


The Hormones 荷尔蒙小姐 National Tour:

Fri 17 Oct           成都 Chengdu, 小酒馆 Little Bar

Sat 18 Oct          重庆Chongqing, 坚果 NUTS Live House

Fri 24 Oct           西安 Xi’an, 光圈 Aperture

Sat 25 Oct         兰州 Lanzhou, 葵 Kui Live House

Wed 29 Oct     郑州 Zhengzhou, 7 Live House

Thur 30 Oct     北京 Beijing, Temple

Fri 31 Oct          北京 Beijing, XP

Sun 2 Nov          天津 Tianjin, 13 Club

Tues 4 Nov        上海 Shanghai, 育音堂 Yuyintang

Wed 5 Nov        杭州 Suzhou, 酒球会

Thur 6 Nov        厦门 Xiamen, Real

Fri 7 Nov             广州 Guangzhou, TU凸空间 T-UNION

Sat 8 Nov            深圳 Shenzhen, B10现场

Sun 9 Nov           长沙 Changsha, 46 Livehouse

Tues 11 Nov      武汉 Wuhan, VOX

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