Introducing: Cheesemind

As the Womb and Strange Stains China Tour draws near, we caught up with the support acts to find out more about their respective cities!

First up, we have Cheesemind from the sunny beachside city of Xiamen.

【中文原文在下面 // Scroll for the original Chinese text】

Cheesemind are a three-piece indie pop band consisting of Chen Zhenchao a.k.a. Soda (guitar, vocals), Ruibi Qiu, or 小Q for short, a.k.a. RabiQ (synth, vocals) and Zee (drums) hailing from the beautiful city of Xiamen, Wellington’s sister city, located in the southwest province of Fujian. After a six year hiatus, the group returned earlier this year with Bay Park Serenade released on Guangzhou-based DIY label Qiii Snacks Records, a brilliant five-track EP beaming with sunshine bangers and the crispness of a freshly opened cold beer.

We are stoked to have them join as support for the second show of the tour at Real Live, the best indie livehouse in Xiamen, located in the Shapowei Art Zone, right near the beach.

CHEESEMIND: Soda, Zee, RabiQ

1) Starsign

Soda: Leo ♌️
RabiQ: Libra ♎️
Zee: Taurus ♉️

2)Fave Emoji

Soda: 😊
RabiQ: 😳
Zee: Shushing Face

3)Fave song to sing at KTV

RabiQ: 麻吉弟弟的劈里啪啦
Zee: 潘玮柏 《快乐崇拜》

4)Fave FX
Soda: Reverb?

5)Childhood Idol

Soda: Bulma from Dragon Ball Z
RabiQ: Tintin from the Adventures of Tintin
Zee: None really. But if I had to say one, it would be Black Cat Detective.

6)Guilty pleasure

Soda: Eat a whole roast chicken with six beers at midnight. Drinking with friends till 4am, getting up at 7 for work. Spending 200 of my remaining 300RMB on getting drunk.
RabiQ: Eating before going to bed
Zee: Drinking as soon as I wake up.

7)Biggest dislike

Soda: Other people interfering with your life and choices saying they want to “help you,” but really, they just can’t face reality.
RabiQ: Double standards.
Zee: Insincerity.

8)”I’ll scan you or you scan me?” (WeChat QR custom)

Soda: I’ll scan you.
RabiQ: I’ll scan you.
Zee: You scan me.

9)”Do you smoke?”

Soda: A pack over two weeks. Only Zhuhai.
RabiQ: Yes
Zee: Yes

10)“What would you like to drink?”

Soda: Half Sugar Iced Americano / Half Sugar Ice Latte / Long Island Iced Tea
RabiQ: I was hungry so just had a peach yoghurt.
Zee: A tall glass of cold beer.

  • Cheesemind will be playing with a full band for this show. Can you introduce the members?

SODA: In addition to us three, I’ve invited the best bass player in Xiamen, Mr. Li, to help out. I kinda tricked him into it. He is a professional bassist with the Amoy Jazz Big Band, an amazing group, so we are honored to have him! On drums we have a really good young drummer from Fujian. He used to play alternative/grunge but hasn’t tried to steer us that way, which has been a relief!

  • What do you do for work and play?

SODA: I work in the chemical industry, I am in the lab all day. I’ve had less free time over the last few years. Basically, I come home from work, practice piano, arrange music, and have a little wine in the evening.

RABIQ: I usually do design. Xiamen is a great place for night trips, taking a walk or drive to the beach is really easy.

ZEE: I work in sales. For fun, I usually just drink with friends, watch movies and practice drum games.

  • Cheesemind has been on hiatus for six years. What have you been doing?

SODA: Do other types of bands, performing everywhere, working, practicing piano, drinking, and spending time with the family.

RABIQ: Work and love.

  • How did Bay Park Serenade come about? When were these songs written? 

SODA: The songs were arranged at the end of 2018 and over Chinese New Year. I felt that I still have to make an EP, so I contributed one track and Rabiq contributed three. Life was a bit clearer in 2018, I’m really happy with the song Sugar Free Soda. We recorded it at my house. I was bored during Chinese New Year and spent a week recording, then the vocals came to my house slowly. It was a very beautiful and simple time. I think the most happy thing about making music is this. Instant!

RABIQ: The 2018 thermometer seemed to respond well. We had a really good connection and flow of communication with making this EP. ‘Out of Focus’ was written to a friend at the end of 2018. ‘Insomnia’ and ‘Natural’ were written early this year.

  • How is the music scene in Xiamen?

SODA: There are no young bands, they are all just playing Douyin (Tiktok) songs, and Beyond covers.

RABIQ: A lot of bands I want to see never come to Xiamen.

ZEE: As far as the live scene goes, the bars basically only have acoustic folk music. I hope there will be more different styles in future.

Huandao Road, Xiamen. Image from China Tour Map.

  • We have an extra day in Xiamen. Can you suggest any of your favourite places or things to eat?

SODA: I like Huandao Road the most, when I’ve got nothing on I like to go down there at night. All the most authentic, delicious dishes in Xiamen are in Xinglin and Jimei.

Rabiq: I like quiet places like Lotus Park.

Zee: Go to Bailuzhou Park to watch the sunset.

  • What is your favorite cheese?

SODA: Stringy cheese on pizza.
RABIQ: I like light cheese like mozzarella
ZEE: To be honest, I don’t really like cheese. The Cheesemind exception!



1) 乐队成员是什么星座

Soda: 狮子座
Rabiq: 天秤座
Zee: 金牛座


Soda: 😊
Rabiq: 😳
Zee: Shushing Face


Rabiq: 麻吉弟弟的劈里啪啦
Zee: 潘玮柏 《快乐崇拜》

Soda: 混响??

Soda: 布玛(龙珠的角色)
Rabiq: 丁丁历险记里的丁丁
Zee: 没什么偶像 一定要说的话那就是黑猫警长


Soda: 夜晚12点吃一整只烤鸡配6瓶500ml啤酒。和朋友喝酒喝到4点第二天7点起床上班开会。全身剩下300块也要花200块出去大醉一场。
Rabiq: 睡前吃东西
Zee: 从起床开始喝酒


Soda: 别人干涉自己的生活,干涉自己的选择,美名其曰为了你好,想帮助你,其实只是不敢直面real的人生。
Rabiq: 双重标准
Zee: 不真诚


Soda: 我扫你~
Rabiq: 我扫你吧
Zee: 你扫我


Soda: 半个月一包,只抽爆珠。
Rabiq: 抽
Zee: 抽


Soda: 半糖冰美式/半糖冰拿铁/长岛冰茶
Rabiq: 刚在饿了么上下单了一杯桃桃优酪
Zee: 大杯冰啤酒


  • 这次现场你们会有full band 能不能介绍一下成员

Soda: 这次除了我们乐团三人之外,请来了厦门最好的贝司手李老师助阵(其实是被我骗来的哈哈)他是职业贝司手,合作的乐团有Amoy Jazz Big Band,话仙乐队,所以我们很荣幸。合作的鼓手是福建非常好又认真的年轻鼓手,虽然他之前玩的音乐是另类/垃圾摇滚,但是没想到驾驭我们也不在话下,所以非常感动!

  • 你们做什么工作,然后平时怎么玩儿?

Soda: 我是做化学行业,就是整天在实验室。这两年玩的比较少了,基本就是下班回去休息练琴,编曲,晚上晚了喝点小酒。

Rabiq: 平常做设计。在厦门很适合夜游,散步或者开车去海边都挺方便

Zee: 销售。平时和朋友一起喝酒玩儿或者看电影练鼓打游戏

  • 最喜欢的cheese是哪种?

Soda: 披萨拿起来的拉丝。

Rabiq: 马苏里拉这类的淡奶酪

Zee: 说实话我对cheese无感。cheesemind除外!

  • Cheesemind休团了六年,最近六年在干嘛?

Soda: 做别的类型的乐团,到处演出,上班,练琴,喝酒,陪家人。

Rabiq: 工作和恋爱


  • 《海湾公园小夜曲》是怎么实现的?这些歌曲什么时候写的?你们在哪里录的?

Soda: 这些歌基本都是在2018年年底和2019年春节编曲的,因为觉得还是要做出一张ep出来,所以我贡献了一首创作,小q贡献了3首。基本都是2018年的人生领悟,无糖汽水也是这几年我非常满意的作品。录音地点比较抱歉,就是在我家哈哈,过年的时候无聊,花了一周编曲录音,然后人声也是来我家慢慢的录,非常美好又简单的时光,我觉得做音乐最开心的就是这种瞬间吧!

Rabiq: 18年发的温度计似乎获得不错的反响,和超超商量着干脆出张ep吧  失焦是18年底写给朋友的,失眠和自然是19年初写的,目前都是宅录


  • 厦门的音乐场景怎么样?

Soda: 没有年轻的乐队了,年轻的乐队有玩抖音歌曲,有还在排beyond的。

Rabiq: 好多想看的乐队在厦门是看不到的。

Zee: 除去live的话,基本上酒吧都只有民谣弹唱。希望有更多形式的音乐可以看。


  • 我们要多待一天在厦门,你们最喜欢的地方在哪里?有没有厦门特色的推荐 哈哈

Soda: 我最喜欢环岛路,经常晚上没事去兜风。厦门所有正宗的好吃的,都在杏林,集美。

Rabiq: 喜欢莲花公园这类闹中取静的地方。

Zee: 去白鹭洲公园看日落~

Cheesemind perform with Womb and Strange Stains at Real Live, Xiamen on Tuesday 2 July 2019. 

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