Womb: Remixes

Remixes of Womb’s debut record ‘Like Splitting the Head from the Body’ have been released online in collaboration with producers across China and Aotearoa.

Photo by Laura Duffy

About the Remixes

This year ‘Like Splitting the Head from the Body’ by WOMB has been reimagined by eight producers across China and Aotearoa in this special remix album ‘Like Splitting the Head from the Body: Remixes.

Inspired by DJ SNAKELEGS’ fangirl remix of ‘Blow U Away’ that featured on drummer Georgette Brown’s mixtape for the MESH mix series, the project was developed during the period surrounding WOMB’s ten-date tour of China in July. The resulting compilation brings together participating artists from the tour and associated friends, including Shishi (South Acid Mimi), Zhuoling (Wednesday’s Trip), thruoutin (Seippelabel, Jingweir), Sugarman (Angry Navel, Deep Water), Ex Luna (a.k.a. Shii), DAO (Dumb Sound Records) and Kaishandao, the musical alias of WOMB’s tour organiser Kiwese (yours truly)

Featuring a mélange of interpretations from Pōneke to Chengdu, these eight beautiful tracks have been meticulously chopped, flipped and recreated without stems as eight distinctive bodies of work that draw upon genres ranging from ambient, IDM and experimental to electro pop, house and techno. Coordinated by Kiwese and mastered back by Thomas Lambert at Sonorous Circle, these remixes come to you as a cross-Pacific collaboration full of love.




About the Remix Artists:


American born electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist, thruoutin, has been based in China since 2009. His work varies from project to project, but often revolves around the combining of different genres with a focus on organic and digital sounds.

He has extensively toured through North America and Asia; releasing music on several labels along the way.  Most Recently he has put out work with Beijing labels RAN Music and Jingweir as well as performing on Boiler Room China.


Sound artist, music lover. Dao‘s music is a “sound ceremony” that uses unconventional tools in unusual places. Under the code name “South Temple,” he has conducted sound art performances in places including a funeral home, 24-hour sex shop, tunnels, underground shopping malls and vegetable markets. Using a variety of tools to oscillate simultaneous frequencies, sound is made into a wall and a guide to the inside, attempting aural possibilities in places thought impossible.

Photo by John Yingling


Active for over two decades, Wu Zhuoling is one of Chengdu’s most iconic independent artists. Oscillating between lush, melodic soundscapes and multi-layered dance rhythms, her music draws together modular synthesizers and ethereal vocals. Record producer and co-organiser of the ‘Small Projects’ (小计划)performance series, Zhuoling is one of the key figures pushing Chengdu’s new electronic voices to the fore.

Sugarman (输哥曼)

Sugarman is a Chengdu-based producer and songwriter. She is a member of Angry Navel and Deep Water.

Photo by Georgina Conroy


BLOW U AWAY is the first release from DJ SNAKELEGS, the dance moniker of producer Alexa Casino. Now established in their own right, with an ongoing residency with Mexico-based Internet Public Radio. DJ SNAKELEGS has made appearances at clubs around Aotearoa, with sets catered to QPOC communities including recent shows with LSDXOXO, and the highly acclaimed New York-based collective Discwoman, with UMFANG and SHYBOI.

Photo by 子弹


Forged from the isolated, windswept hills of Aotearoa, melded by the breakneck BPM of modern day China, Kaishandao produces a distinctive sound of complex origins and eccentric imperfections, chopping a lost and found cultural heritage into a playful blend of dystopian dance music. The alias of Wellington-born musician and organizer Kristen Ng — Kaishandao is the resulting output of inspiration drawn from the DIY spirit, urban hippie lifestyle and party stamina of Chengdu’s multiplex underground. 

Kristen is the founder of Kiwese. She is also the co-facilitator of Chengdu Community Radio and curates events at NU SPACE.

Ex Luna

Ex Luna is an electronic music project started by Wuhan-based musician Shi Yi in 2018. Based on the theme of cosmic technology, the name comes from Apollo 13’s motto: “Ex Luna, scientia” (“From the Moon , knowledge.”) Using a variety of synthesizer sounds and sampling structures, Ex Luna constructs a sense of deep auditory space and a soft, feminine soft aesthetic.


Shishi is a Kunming-based musician and member of South Acid Mimi.



该项目的灵感来自于DJ SNAKELEGS 制作的《Blow You Away》歌迷混音,收录于子宫乐队鼓手Georgette Brown 发布在MESH 网站混音系列的混音带中。该项目构想于子宫乐队于7月在中国十地巡演期间,汇集了参与巡演的艺术家和朋友,包括施施(南方酸性咪咪),卓玲(星期三旅行),thruoutin(Seippelabel,Jingweir),输哥曼(愤怒的肚脐,Deep Water),Ex Luna(又名Shii) ,DAO(哑音唱片)和开山刀(子宫乐队巡演组织者别名)。

八首优美的曲目被从惠灵顿到成都的艺术家重新联合演绎,历经悉心拆分、翻转和重新制作。所有作品是八种独特的作品,风格从环境音乐,智能舞曲和实验音乐到电子流行乐,浩室和科技舞曲等不尽相同。混音曲目由奇艺思统筹,并由Thomas Lambert 在惠灵顿的Sonorous Circle 制成母带,它们是充满爱意的跨太平洋合作的结晶。

(Translated by 1d)



来自美国的电子音乐家与音乐制作人thruoutin,定居中国5年。多元化的音乐风格, 把奇怪的温情电子和中国民乐音乐结合在一起。你可以听到多种艺术创作思维在他的音乐里,尤其是对大自然的采样和物理电子声音的钟爱。

曾在北美洲和亚洲有过巡回演出,除了他个人独立发行的唱片外,他与多家唱片公司都 有过合作关系。燃音乐和京味儿曾发行过他的音乐。2017年 曾在Boiler Room中国演出。




活跃在中国独立音乐场景了二十多年的吴卓玲是成都最具标志性的独立艺术家之一。她的音乐在郁郁葱葱的旋律和多层舞蹈节奏之间摇摆,将模块合成器声音和空灵的人声结合在一起。活力音乐人,唱片制作人,和“小计划”(Small Projects)共同创始人等多重身份于一身,她将成都新的电子之声推向了风口浪尖。


输哥曼是一位居住成都的制作人和作曲者。她是愤怒的肚脐儿和Deep Water的成员。


《BLOW U AWAY》是制作人Alexa Casino 的舞曲艺名DJ SNAKELEGS 的首张发行作品。 现在凭借自身崭露头角,目前在墨西哥的Internet Public Radio 驻留。 DJ SNAKELEGS 曾在新西兰的各个俱乐部参与面向有色酷儿人群社区的演出,包括最近与LSDXOXO 的以及备受赞誉的纽约团体Discwoman 成员UMFANG 与SHYBOI 联合演出。


Kristen Ng这位化名为Kaishandao,在惠灵顿出生的音乐人和组织者深受成都城市嬉皮生活方式和多元地下文化以不眠不休的派对精神的感染。

Kristen也是奇异思的创办人。作为一个网站和巡演厂牌,奇异思致力于发扬光大不同的来自于中国和新西兰的有创新精神的艺术家们。她同时也组织策划成都社区电台(CDCR)的活动,以及管理NU SPACE的演出预约。

Ex Luna

Ex Luna是音乐人诗怡于2018年在武汉开始的与宇宙科技主题相关的电子音乐计划,名称取自阿波罗13号的座右铭 “Ex Luna, scientia” (“From the Moon, knowledge”)此计划以多变的合成器音色和各种采样构造深邃的听觉空间感又融合女性化的柔美审美。



她很懒 什么都没留下


Like Splitting the Head / From the Body (thruoutin Remix)

Here We Bend (To Smell The Dirt) (DAO Remix)

Satellite (Zhuoling Remix)

Feeling Like Helium (Sugarman Remix)

Blow U Away (DJ SNAKELEGS Remix)

Protea (Kaishandao Remix)

Earth (Ex Luna Remix)

When the Night Breaks Up (Shishi Remix)


Check out ‘Like Splitting the Head From the Body: Remixes’ on Bandcamp.