‘Blackholes Are Gathering’: China Screenings 2019

‘Blackholes Are Gathering’ is an experimental documentary by Illojgali aka Dan Harris that follows Wellington artists The All Seeing Hand, E N T, Alphabethead and Kaishandao on their tour through China in 2017.

Following it’s recent premiere in Aotearoa, Kiwese is excited to announce a series of nine special screenings in Mainland China!

Read more about the film here.

These screenings are all free entry events and graciously supported by the venues, many of which we performed at during the 2017 tour

Kiwese will be speaking a bit about the tour before the screening in Chengdu, while the other screenings will be hosted by the venues themselves.

Big shout out to the venues for putting these screenings as free public events, as showing independent films in Mainland China can often be a difficult undertaking, especially when there are tickets involved.

The landscape in China has changed drastically since the making of this film, within the independent music scene and beyond. We hope you can enjoy this view into a capsule of the past with a sense of curiosity and hope for the future.


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About the Director:

Dan Harris is an artist and independent filmmaker living in Wellington, New Zealand. His work incorporates 3D animation and experimental film, often working with musicians to create a symbiosis of sound and image to communicate message. He investigates topics around subjective experience such as perception, memory and altered states of consciousness. Many works have a common theme of ‘journey’ to communicate various ideas around physical, spiritual and/or metaphysical transformations. In 2019 Dan was artist in residence at the In-Situ Residency program in Hong Kong. Previously his work has been screened as part of the TeleVisions Project in Australia, The Wellington Underground Film Festival, and has won the ‘Incredibly Strange’ award at the New Zealand 48Hours Film Festival.


丹·哈里斯(Dan Harris)是一位居住在新西兰惠灵顿的艺术家和独立电影制片人。



2019年,丹作为 In-Situ 计划驻地艺术家旅居香港,并在地放映他的实验纪录片《黑洞在奥特亚罗瓦聚集》(注:奥特亚罗瓦是新西兰在毛利语中的名称)。

此前,他的作品曾作为澳大利亚 TeleVisions 项目的一部分在惠灵顿地下电影节上放映,并在新西兰48小时电影节上斩获“无比奇异”奖。


Kiwese Proudly Presents:
BLACKHOLES ARE GATHERING: A Sonic Journey Through China
2019 China Screenings



11.13 成都 Chengdu, NU SPACE,8:30pm

+ 奇异思分享 with Kiwese introductory talk

11.13 北京 Beijing, fruityspace,8:30pm


11.13 呼和浩特 Hohhot, DeepSwing,8:30pm


11.16 厦门 Xiamen, UNthe ground,8:30pm


11.23 广州 Guangzhou, 基立下道,8:30pm

地址/ADD:广州市海珠区晓港雅筑 晓港地铁站c出口日常工作室

11.24 武汉 Wuhan, Sense Club,8pm

地址/ADD: 武汉市卓刀泉路36号3F感官唱片店

11.24 杭州 Hangzhou, Wulin,2-8pm (循环播放)

11.27 上海 Shanghai, 育音堂音乐公园 YYT Park,8pm


11.30 义乌 Yiwu,隔壁,8pm


All events are FREE ENTRY :  放映活动都是免费入场
Tell your friends : 请邀请你的朋友
Support your local venues!  : 来支持你当地的场地!

Header image is a still from Blackholes are Gathering, courtesy of Dan Harris.