Introducing: Ex Luna

As the Womb and Strange Stains China Tour draws near, we caught up with the support acts to find out more about their respective cities!

Next up, we fly over to Wuhan to catch up with spacey electronic producer Ex Luna.

【中文原文在下面 // Scroll for the original Chinese text】

I would fly to the moon and back… Ex Luna is the cosmic, moon gazing side project of the Sichuan-born, Wuhan based electronic producer Shii. Combining samples, synthesisers and atmospheric vocals, Ex Luna produces a spacey, feminine sound that holds technology and science as the core ethos, urging you to float towards the dancefloor.

In one of the most hectic dates of the tour, we are stoked to have Ex Luna play support at the notorious underground dive bar Wuhan Prison in downtown Wuchang District. Straight after this show, we get on a sleeper train to a techno party in Chengdu! Buckle up, here we go.


Libra ♎️

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This cute little crying face:😢

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《死性不改》-Twins / Boyz

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Childhood Idol


Guilty Pleasure

Hot pot and chuan chuan

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Drying my hair

“You scan me or I scan you?”

Usually, I’ll scan!


I used to before. Quit at the end of last year.

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Iced Americano

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  • Hi, Ex Luna! Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I’m Shii. I like to create different styles of music, from different states of being. I generally lean towards electronic music, so I’m trying things out and collaborating with different musicians. My current projects include Ex Luna, Lost Memory Machine and Shii.

  • You have another musical identity called Shii – what is the difference with Ex Luna?

I started writing as Ex Luna in 2018, while I have been writing as Shii since graduating from high school. Ex Luna’s music is different from an ideological and aesthetic standpoint, incorporating more ideas about timbre and dance music. From a formal perspective, the biggest different place is that in Ex Luna, my vocals are more of a melodic instrument, rather than a dominant lead like in Shii.

  • When did you start producing? Can you talk a bit about your methods?

I started making electronic music when I graduated from high school in 2014. I have a simple recording set up and monitors at home. For my productions I use Logic and Ableton Live as the foundation, then create music by combining samples, software sounds and a small number of hardware sources.

  • What have you been listening to lately that you’d like to recommend?

Recently I started listening to Massive Attack again. I couldn’t really get into trip hop aside from Bjork before, but recently I’ve found some cool stuff!

  • What are your plans for this year’s music? 

This year, Ex Luna plans to work with some amazing musicians who can create sounds I can’t make on my own. Shii is about to release an album on Merrie Records (美丽唱片) and go on tour. Lost Memory Machine plans to release an EP independently.

  • How’s the music scene in Wuhan?

It’s hard to keep young people in Wuhan, so the underground music scenes here have gradually lost their “regional” flavour. Wuhan is a little backwards compared with other cities that have active an youth culture, especially as far as more adventurous music goes.

  • Real talk. Food recommendations in Wuhan?

Dry-fried chopped lotus root, crayfish and “Wuhan zha zha.”

Thanks Shii!

Check out to Ex Luna on Xiami and follow Shii on Soundcloud.

















一般我会 “我扫你吧!”





  • 请介绍一下你自己
    大家好我是Shii,我很喜欢创作不同风格的音乐,也喜欢在不同的状态创作,但总的来说喜欢一些偏氛围感的电子音乐,所以我在和不同的音乐人合作做不同的尝试。目前有Ex Luna, Lost Memory Machine,Shii三个项目。
  • 你还有一个音乐身份 “Shii” – Ex Luna这个项目和Shii有什么不一样?
    Ex Luna在2018年开始创作,而Shii的歌是我从高中毕业就开始写的,所以Ex Luna的音乐在思想上和审美上都会和Shii不太一样,融入了更多对音色和科技舞曲的想法。从形式来看,最不一样的地方应该是Ex Luna中的人声不是主导,而是作为和器乐同等的旋律而存在。
  • 你是什么时候开始制作?能不能介绍一下你目前的制作方式?
    我从2014年高中毕业开始制作,家里有简单的监听录制设备,一直以来都是用电脑上的Logic和Ableton Live两个软体为基础,以此录制和采用软音源和少部分硬件音源相结合的方式创作。
  • 你有没有最近比较喜欢的音乐人可以推荐一下?
    最近重新开始听Massive Attack,以前不太听得进去除了Bjork之外的trip hop,但是最近听发现了很多厉害的地方!
  • 你们今年的音乐有什么策划?还是比较随意?
    今年Ex Luna这个计划比较希望能和优秀的音乐人合作创作出一些我自己很难做出的音色;Shii即将在美丽唱片发行专辑和巡演,还有Lost Memory Machine也准备独立发行一张EP。
  • 武汉的音乐场景怎么样?
  • 能不能推荐一下武汉好吃的?


Ex Luna performs with Womb and Strange Stains at Wuhan Prison on 5 July 2019, 8:30pm start, free entry.