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Torrential Chengdu

Not usually one to broadcast the weather, but the torrential storm that struck Chengdu this afternoon is one for the record books.

The rain came down with an intensity I’ve never experienced in Chengdu. The force of it was so incredible I could only gape and shriek.  The city transformed into a swimming pool in a blender. The entire sky went grey – thunder, lightning, the whole bit. There was so much water you could hardly keep your eyes open. Waves formed across the street and the rain was lashed up in huge gusts of wind. Waterfalls cascaded from the rooftops. The city flooded.

As I was riding home through the storm, I had this kind of joyful feeling wash over me that everybody was having this collective experience. Rich or poor, young or old, local or laowai, the force of nature strikes you just the same. All completely shocked and soaked – people were all smiling, shrieking, grimacing and swearing. Traffic wardens, people at the bus stop, delivery guys, all of us caught in the rain and totally drenched, everyone in it together.

And like the rain, the WeChat posts came flooding in. No app does sharing of unsubstantiated video content faster than WeChat. I’ve compiled some of the most impressive ones here for you to see how nuts it really was.

When the rain subsided, a huge rainbow appeared in the sky and everybody went back to what they were doing before. There will be a huge clean up for some, days even. But for that brief period, as the skies opened and let loose, everybody from the shops to the streets put down their phones, looked around to catch someone’s eye and say, “哇靠.”

These are the moments that bring us together.


Aus-atmen 2016 | Photo Review

Aus-atmen has wrapped for 2016. Last month we descended upon a grassy field in Flower Town with two soundsystems, several dozen tents, 200 lollipops and dreams of techno in the moonlight…
However, Mother Nature is a wild woman who loves to party and she brought her rain to the dancefloor all night long! Despite it all, we felt the love!

(photos by 叉飞,Xiang and Kiwese)
Formed on the basis of community collaboration, Aus-atmen would not have been possible without all of our partners, supporters, volunteers and friends.
Huge thanks to Spectrum Maker for designing the poster and trailer with us, momo and the BIGGER CHA girls for constructing the Aus-stage installation, Steam Hostel for setting up their tent village, farinablu for her amazing prints and designs, Baicai and Jiewa for building the teepee that saved us from the rain, Zaomengshe and Danche Yule for ticketing, Yue Chen for the wristband design, Natalie at VICE Thump Berlin for coming out to find us, all the DJs who signed up to play Open Shua, the bar and food team for holding it down and all our friends who put their love, time and energy into this festival.
From the sleepless nights of preparation right through to the pack down, Aus-atmen would not have been possible without you.
Big love to all of you who came out – everyone who partied in the rain, fed the fires, danced in the mud, got freaky, drank tea, made coffee, wiped rain off the mixer, pushed water off the stage, kept in high spirits, took care of each other and brought laughter and joy to our wet and muddy little festival.
We love you all!
See you at Ein-atmen later this year….

从前期筹备到音乐节结束,atmen得到了多方的支持:谢谢峰哥提供场地及各项帮助,谢谢谱造司给予前期海报及预告片支持,谢谢悦晨同学的手环设计,谢谢BGC一群可爱又生命力顽强的宝宝们,谢谢momo桑从头到尾的倾力支持,谢谢白菜和杰娃及朋友们手工搭建的teepee帐篷,谢谢瑞升设计的天使们,谢谢造梦社、单车娱乐、旁边儿、来电、kiwese的宣传,谢谢柏林Vice thump的Natalie对ausatmen活动的采访报道,谢谢蒸汽旅舍、farinablu和野手工作室的小伙伴们,谢谢无数可人儿们给予的无限爱的支持和鼓舞,辛苦大家了!

You can read more about atmen over on VICE Thump Germany and Beijing blog pangbianr.