Kaishandao’s Debut EP + China Tour Dates 2021

Homeland is the debut EP from Chengdu-based producer Kaishandao, aka Kristen Ng, six tracks that explore the places, spaces, and people we call home.

    During a period of reflection and uncertainty, the first rough sketches for Homeland emerged from bedroom jam sessions in Kaishandao’s adopted hometown of Chengdu. With no way in or out of China, she uprooted from a long-term apartment to a small vacant room at Steam Hostel, where she lived out of a suitcase for six months — inviting detuned chords, nomadic drum sequences and foraged vocal samples to occupy her memory banks.

In the spring of 2020, when the country’s network of clubs and label nights entered into a post-lockdown renaissance, the tracks were reworked and refined over weekends of live hardware sets alongside local DJs and musicians, evolving across dancefloors, before eventually falling into place through scattered late nights of tinkering and recording. Fusing elements of lo-fi electronica, minimal, techno, RnB, house and garage, Homeland serves a dislocated narrative of percussive micro-aggressions, distorted audio residue and wistful guitar overdubs, distilled with fragmented memories — high school era chart toppers meet filtered breaks, a Wellington Hospital therapy cassette speaks through a drum machine, overlapping timelines converge around a slow-burning fire.
Dance like you’re wearing sunglasses.
You are your own homeland.
Kaishandao is Mandarin for ‘machete.’ Born in Wellington, NZ, roots in Taishan, Guangdong. Student blogger-turned-livehouse booker-turned-resident club rascal, living the 中国梦 since 2013. Co-founder of cdcr.live (online radio station / offline beers). Creator of Kiwese (multimedia musings / DIY tours). Featured on Boiler Room and NTS Radio. Tracks released by Siamese Twins and Crater Records. Covered by BBC World, Resident Advisor and Mixmag. Regular at HTTP. Curator of SYNC, Blah Blah, Faux Club, XII and other delightfully debaucherous shindigs. Collaborator of forward-thinking Chengdu venues Morning, Steam Hostel, .TAG and 13Lounge.
《家园》是常驻成都的制作人 Kaishandao(又名 Kristen Ng)发行的首张 EP,六首曲目探讨了我们称之为家的地方、空间和人们。
在一个充斥着反思与无常的时期,唱片的雏形出现在成都(Kaishandao 的第二家园)一间卧室的即兴演奏中。在中国严格封锁的边境里,她从之前长居的公寓搬到了蒸汽旅舍的一个小空房间,在那里她带着满满一个行李箱的物资生活了六个月——邀请去谐的和弦、流浪的鼓机音序和四处拾来的人声采样来占领她的内存条。2020年春天,国内的俱乐部和厂牌夜进入解封后的复兴期,这些曲目在与本地 DJ 和音乐人的多个周末共演中被重新加工和完善,在舞池中不断进化,又在零散的深夜修补和录音后最终就位。
融合了低保真electronica、minimal、techno、RnB、house 和 garage 的元素,《家园》的错位叙事由微型的节奏进攻、失真的残余音频与怀愁的叠录吉他构成;还有被提炼的零碎记忆——高中时代的音乐榜首遇到被过滤的碎拍,一盒来自惠灵顿医院的治疗磁带通过鼓机传出声来,重叠的时间线在一簇缓缓燃烧的火堆周围汇聚。


Kaishandao Homeland Tour POSTER Full

Kiwese Presents…


5.22 Shenzhen, OIL
5.29 Aranya, Zhao Dai on Leave
6.18 Xiamen, ATP
6.19 Fuzhou, The Sigh
6.25 Wenzhou, D Shop
6.26 Yiwu, Gebi
7.02 Qingdao, Soup
7.03 Jinan, Key
7.09 Xi’an, Vein Lab
7.10 Beijing, Wigwam
7.16 Hohhot, Fangkuair
7.17 Xilinhot, Good Fellas
7.23 Wuhan, 404Club
7.24 Changsha, Cave42
7.30 Hangzhou, Loopy
7.31 Shanghai, Elevator + Production Workshop with HTTP
8.06 Chongqing, NUTS
8.07 Chengdu, .TAG
8.08 Chengdu, Steam (After Party)

Homeland is Out Now on Bandcamp
& Streaming Online
All songs by Kaishandao
Self-released by Kiwese
Mastering by Shen
Cover photo by Melanie Young
Poster by @aappapappa
Photos by ty, Mengki, John Yingling
Calligraphy by Zhang Xin
Text by Kaishandao
Translation by 1d