SYNC 4.0 – Chengdu’s Annual Live Synthesiser Collaboration

With club parties and DJs every night, post-Covid Chengdu continues her reign as the party capital of China. The appetite for nightlife is insatiable — electronic music is the sound of Chengdu’s beating heart (and pounding hangover.) But what lies beyond the dancefloor? What kind of sounds are being made here? How are those sounds created?

First held in 2017, SYNC has developed into an annual tradition. As with most things in 2020, SYNC 4.0 will deviate from the past. After three years at NU SPACE, we are excited to change location to CUE, a young dance club nestled between an internet cafe and hot pot on Kehua Jie, touching hearts and minds with their diverse roster of events, neon-lit lounge vibe and LGBTQ+ positive atmosphere.

This year features 12 producers with music spanning beatless soundscapes and modular ambience to 4/4 dancefloor workouts, techno, DnB and experimental machine farts. Live sets and talks from original instigators KaishandaoHeling and Zhuoling, return performances from Geezer, VAN.NAV and VJ Sonicare, music from newcomers liririHow High and duanluoo, with a debut live set from Gennady and drum machine debut from Cvalda. Activating online connectivity, we will hear new music from M2 and unruhe via video from Holland and Australia, whilst live-streaming on Bilibili with

Interested in electronic creation in Chengdu? Join us on Thursday!
Delightful beverages await — with complimentary Dao Brew beer for the first 10 people, and a special cocktail to sync at the CUE Bar.

SYNC 4.0
2020.11.26 RUNNING ORDER

09:00-10:00    M2 & unruhe (Screening)
10:00-10:25    Heling
10:25-10:50    How High
10:50-11:15    李日日
11:15-11:40    VAN.NAV
11:40-12:05    Zhuoling
12:05-12:30    Gennady
12:30-12:55    Geezer
12:55-01:20    Cvalda
01:20-01:45    duanluoo
01:45-02:05    Kaishandao

Artists of SYNC 4.0

* Listed Alphabetically


来自成都的制作人/DJ/文化推手,多年沉浸于电子音乐的世界。2006年与DJ Lee在成都创立了传奇地下俱乐部Underground以及Age of Red电子音乐网站。2014年她发掘了自己的全新风格,开始在抽象和极简Drum&Bass方向探索。同年创立独立团队MIST,开始在全国范围内推广她的独特音乐品味。去年开启Dub现场音乐项目“口头协议”与小号手丰玉程、打击乐手黑猫警长合作演出。

Experimental and minimal drum & bass music producer. MIST label head. Co-founded Underground in 2006. Countless musical collaborations and audiovisual projects, including 3000 and dub live project VerbalAgreement.

Gear List:Roland TR 8-S, Boss RC505, Dub Siren FX



Independent musician, band frontman, visual worker, module combiner. Excels at mixed media media, such as devices, real-time video and live sets to create unique audiovisual experiences.

Gear List:Novation Peak, Elektron RYTM, Modular Synthesizer, Behringer Model D, Arturia Keystep




Early Chengdu electronic musician. Former resident at Underground, co-founder of Xiong Mao. Now brewing tasty beers and big dance beats.

Gear List: Elektron RYTM, Elektron Analog Four, Roland TB-303



来自俄罗斯的文化之都圣彼得堡。由于长期受到欧洲和俄罗斯最前沿文化的感染。Gennady是成都本地团队‘ChengDudes’的联合创始人。SYNC 4.0将是他首场live set。

Chengdu party poster boy / skater / DJ / videographer / tech guy Gennady joins the SYNC 4.0 line up with his debut live set, using a Volca set up inherited from Phat Kontroler via Kaiser.

Gear List: Yamaha SHS-10, Digital Keyboard, Korg Volca Bass, Korg Volca Keys, Korg Volca Beats, Korg Volca Sample



Heling,准备在Sync 4.0做一次Ambient风格的新人。利用随机的电压变化促成一段十五分钟的机器人诗朗诵。

Heling has prepared an ambient set for SYNC 4.0. Random voltage changes used to facilitate a machine led poetry recital.

Gear List: Eurorack 4*84


How High

浩海 新手制作人,非专业音频工程师。喜爱电子音乐、合成器声音。喜欢非理性思考,随机发生。风格混乱,没有章法,不讲武德。

Newbie producer,  professional audio slave. Struggling in music and synth. Random shit every moment. Chaos music styles, no rules. 

Gear List: Arturia Matrixbrute, Elektron Digitakt, Pedals, Soundcraft EPM6 Mixer



Photo by 子弹

今年 SYNC 4.0 准备玩儿一些最近在俱乐部让人跳舞的音乐,现场实验,磁带采样等 and/or ABBA

Selections of dance music I’ve been playing in clubs lately, live experimentation, tape sampling and/or ABBA

SYNC 4.0设备: Elektron Octatrack MKII, Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1UW Sony TCM-313


李日日 liriri

Sound worker-声音工作者,声音碎片采集者。热爱大自然,迷恋培育植物和逛菜市场。现阶段致力于学习和研究:频率、振动、能量与宇宙间的联系。

is an emerging sound artist who works with samples. Loves nature, growing plants and going to the vegetable market. Committed to learning and research: the relationship between frequency, vibration, energy and the universe.

SYNC 4.0设备: Elektron Digitakt (x2), Roland SE·02, Mackie Mix8


M2 (FKA MenschMaschine)

1985年来,搬到柏林的少年MenschMaschine就将自己浸泡在在朋克音乐与噪音中。在90年代初的时候,他用一台摄像机换了一台罗兰合成器JUNO-06。来到成都后的M2经营了8年名为Macchu Picchu的现场音乐咖啡馆,也成为了DOJO的创始人之一,并在他的Berlin Haus咖啡厅举办了实验合成器之夜“Shift #A”。

MenschMaschine觉得是时候尝试新东西了。这次,他将以M2这个新的名字来呈现全新的现场即兴作品:“LCK DWN FKD P”。

Dabbling in punk and noise since teenage years, MenschMaschine moved to Berlin in 1985. Traded a video camera for a Roland JUNO-06 synthesizer in the early 90s. While in Chengdu, he ran live music cafe Macchu Picchu for 8 years, co-founded the DOJO party house and hosted experimental synth night ‘Shift #A’ at his café Berlin Haus.

MenschMaschine feels it is time for Experimenting again. Under the new name M2, he presents this live improv piece called: LCK DWN FKD P

Gear List: Modular Synthesizer



unruhe,也被叫做“那个家伙”,这个神秘的男人建造了充满声音的黑匣子。SYNC的元老级参与者,在活动中的他总是乐于尝试与他平时喜好—minimal techno不同的音乐风格。当时参加SYNC1.0的时候他只带了一个小小的粉盒子,但是这次该轮到神秘的黑匣子上场了!

unruhe, also known as that guy, a man of mystery, building a mysterious black box full of sounds. I’ve been involved with SYNC from the very beginning and always made sure that I use that opportunity to do something different to my mainstream, minimal techno. I turned up to SYNC 1.0 with a small pink box, now is the time for a black box of mystery.

Gear List: Mystery Black Box



活跃在北京和上海的电子音乐人及DJ。电子乐厂牌Ran Groove主理人。热衷于探讨四四拍循环之美与空间环境人群之间的关系。音乐上秉承极简主义哲学。

VAN.NAV is an electronic music producer and DJ active across Beijing and Shanghai, and label head of Ran Groove. Minimalism, psychedelic melody lines and the coldness of the synth waves. He returns to SYNC this year with a beatless set.

SYNC 4.0设备: Allen & Heath 96 Mixer, Elektron Octatrack MKI, Eventide H9, iPad Pro



准备在Sync 4.0送上两首新创作的曲子,关于宇宙大爆炸的trance跳舞音乐。

Zhuoling will perform two new tracks at SYNC 4.0. Dance music about the Big Bang.

Gear List: Elektron Octatrack MKII, MFB-Tanzbar, Korg Minilogue XD, Arturia Keystep, Moog Mother 32


Visuals by Sonicare

科华街实用型人才。Kehua Jie resident talent.

Gear List: AKAI APC 40



CUE是位于成都的前卫电子音乐与艺术交流场所、舞厅,同时也是一家鸡尾酒吧。由Cue Out/Cue Lounge/Cue Dancefloor三个主要公共区域组成,除了致力于推广前卫俱乐部音乐和关心小众群体文化,Cue光怪陆离的灯光布置与空间设计以及内外交互的音响、视觉系统都展现了当代跳舞俱乐部的独特面。

CUE is an electronic music & art exchange venue in Chengdu. The club is composed of three main areas: Cue Out / Cue Lounge / Cue Dancefloor. Known for promoting avant-garde club music and supporting minority groups through online/offline activity, CUE’s buzzy lighting, multi-space design and interactive audiovisual system mark it as a new generation dance club for the phuture.



Welcome to watch the SYNC livestream and replays!

Amplifying Chengdu music and culture. Broadcasting on Bilibili every week, have hosted over 100 artists since launching in 2019, with afternoon sessions from their studio on Kehua Beilu, as well as off-site transmissions in collaboration with venues and labels around the city.


SYNC 4.0
Starts 9pm
CUE CLUB  科华街2号附8号2楼(中国银行楼上)


Trailer Animation:Illojgali
Trailer Music:Heling, Gennady, 李日日
Gear Support :小计划Small Projects
Tech Support:便利音乐Bianli Music
Beer Support:道酿DaoBrew
Cocktail Design:炸鸡