Introducing: Division Control

As the Womb and Strange Stains China Tour draws near, we caught up with the support acts to find out more about their respective cities!

Less is more. We managed to get a few words out of introverted Tianjin post punk outfit DivisionControl.

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DivisionControl performing at Tianjin Summer Solstice Music Festival, 2018.

DivisionControl have been active in various underground scenes since forming in the city of Tianjin in around 2015. They create a unique, expressive show of post punk and no wave music, making sounds full of contradictions and strong nihilistic tendencies.

We are pleased to announce DivisionControl as the support act at DAFA Club in Tianjin, a local dive venue attached to a tattoo parlour. Following that, we jump on a bullet train to the capital for the final date of the tour…

Please introduce yourselves.

We are a band living in Tianjin who get together on the weekends and rehearse under a bridge.

What do you do for work and play?

We all have day jobs except the drummer who is still in school. We don’t go out much.

When did DivisionControl start? How did you all meet?

The band started in around 2014. We met at gigs.

What is the scene in Tianjin like?

At the moment Tianjin has a couple of livehouses, but only big name acts are able to get crowds in. Local music isn’t that well received and stylistically pretty similar.

Can you suggest some good eats in Tianjin?


Listen to DivisionControl on Xiami.











DivisionControl perform with Womb and Strange Stains at DAFA Club, Tianjin on Friday 12 July.

Tickets on Showstart.