Pei Pa Koa

Kiwese is certainly not qualified to be giving medical advice, but PEI PA KOA, guys.

I came down with a pretty bad illness during my recent stay in the Miao village turned tourist town of Xijiang, in South East Guizhou. To make myself feel less crappy, the period will now be referred to as my ‘week of convalescence.’

There was one thing that got me through. Pei Pa Koa. Most Canto kids will be familiar with this gluggy black liquid and it’s inimitable minty medicinal flava. Mum used to force a spoonful of it down our throats every winter, beckoning groans of “noooo, not the GLUG.”

However, my mind and throat have been changed. If you are in the zone to cough some shit up, look no further than this magic brew. Against all sane medical advice ever, I drank this shit straight out the bottle for several days, coughed and spat like a Guizhou local and got the hell out of Xijiang before I had time to look back.

My friend says it can also be served in a sliced pear…

Available at all reputable Chinese medicine stores. I bet Wah Lees has it.