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Some TING! 听 #004 P.K.14 & Die! Die! Die!

Feel the sweat-dripping, head thrashing angst of post-punk/experimental local heroes P.K.14 and Die! Die! Die!

>>>>>P.K.14 formed in Nanjing in 1997 during the Rotten Generation movement. Their permanent move to Beijing in 2001 and regular slots at D-22 could be said to have sparked the rite-of-passage pilgrimage to the capital that has seen the Beijing music scene grow over the past few decades. Frontman Yang Haisong 杨海崧, who is the only remaining founding member, leads the formidable quartet of guitarist Xu Bo许波, bassist Shi Xudong 施旭东 and drummer Jonathan Leijonhufvud with their dance-inducing, razor sharp rock music laden with the flying saliva of disillusioned youth and urban life.

Photo by John Yingling from 'Touring the China Underground' in Impose Magazine. READ THIS.
Photo by John Yingling from ‘Touring the China Underground‘ in Impose Magazine. READ.
Yang Haisong. Photo via Lost at E Minor.
Yang Haisong. Photo via Lost at E Minor.

Check out their albums 上楼就往左拐 Upstairs, Turn Left (2001), 谁谁谁和谁谁谁 Whoever and Whoever (2004), 白皮书 White Paper (2005), 城市天气的航行 City Weather Sailing (2008) and last year’s incredible 1984 (2013), arguably their finest album to date, to see why P.K.14 are often hailed as the most influential, enduring, ground breaking indie band in China. P.K.14 are signed to Maybe Mars and are part of the Tenzenmen whanau.

Check out this Vice piece on them, includes interviews and subtitles.

Video for ‘Behind All Ruptures’ from City Weather Sailing (2008)

‘1984 II’ live at Yugong Yishan in 2012!

>>>>>Die! Die! Die! are about as abrasive as the name suggests. They are a three-piece noise-pop/post-punk/hardcore band from Dunedin, Aotearoa, the home of Flying Nun, their former label. Guitarist and vocalist Andrew Wilson and drummer Michael Prain are the original members of the band, while Michael Logie (formerly of the Mint Chicks, F in Math) has been onboard as bassist since 2012. I’ve seen them a bunch of times over the years and they never fail to put on a fucking incredible show.

A.T.T.I.T.U.D!! Live in 2008.
A.T.T.I.T.U.D!! Live in 2008. From the band’s Facebook.

Big Stage at Campus A Low Hum 2010, the first time I saw Die! Die! Die!

Video for ‘Crystal’ off their upcoming album S W I M, out 15 August! 

Their first release, Die! Die! Die! EP (2005) was followed by the full length album in 2006, along with Locust Weeks EP (2006) in the same year. The band have toured relentlessly through Europe and the US with the albums Promises, Promises (2008), Form (2010) and Harmony (2012), with another tour lined up for S W I M, which is set to be released on 15 August.

Die! Die! Die! L-R: Michael Prain, Andrew Wilson, Michael Logie. From their Facebook.
Die! Die! Die! L-R: Michael Prain, Andrew Wilson, Michael Logie. From their Facebook.

P.K.14 and Die! Die! Die! have a link through the notorious, now defunct D-22 in Beijing!

Die! Die! Die! were one of the first Kiwi bands to officially tour China, back in 2011 with the help of Tom Matessi from This Town Touring.

Die! Die! Die! – June 2011 China Tour:

6.3 – Beijing, D22

6.4 – Wuhan, VOX

6.5 – Changsha, Vigor Bar

6.8 – Ningbo, City Gate

6.9 – Suzhou, Wave Livehouse

6.10 – Nanjing, 61 House

6.11 – Shanghai, Yuyintang

6.12 – Hefei, Hefei Music Festival

6.16 – Shenzhen, Hot Sugar Bar

6.17 – Guangzhou, 191 Space

6.18 – Hong Kong, The Wanch

Enjoy! Some TING! 听 else for you next time.


Some TING! 听 #003: Skip Skip Ben Ben & Astro Children

Skip Skip Ben Ben and Astro Children are two bands from your wildest grunge-noise-pop-shoegaze-dream. Find them in your nearest garage. BYO booze.

>>>>>Skip Skip Ben Ben was created in the mind of Taiwanese guitarist/songwriter/singer Ben Ben 斑班, one half of the now defunct but brilliant Boyz&Girl of Taipei. After gigging and collaborating with bands on the D-22 scene and “ping-ponging between Taipei and Beijing,” Ben Ben ultimately moved to Beijing in 2011 and assembled the outstanding line-up of Sun He Ting 孫鶴庭(Carsick Cars) on drums and Zhou Nairen 周乃仁 (Birdstriking) on bass. Ben Ben’s folk inclinations are ensconced through her self-recorded, self-released and self-reflective debut LP No-Fi No Fiction (2010), while Sacrifice Mountain Hills (2012) cranks up the fuzz with the rhythmic pulse of Monkey and Zhou. The band are signed to Maybe Mars. Read more about them on Far Out Distant Sounds!


Skip Skip Ben Ben are pretty much lords of b/w.
Skip Skip Ben Ben are pretty much lords of b/w. From their Douban.

skip skip mbv

Ben Ben opened for My Bloody Valentine at their show in Taipei and Kevin Shields said some really nice things to her.

>>>>>Astro Children are a guitar-drum duo from Dunedin. They are not scarfies. Childhood friends Millie Lovelock and Isaac Hickey originally formed the band with a bassist, whose departure led to a heightened use of guitar pedals, thicker instrumentation and layered vocals. Check out Lick My Spaceship! (2012) and Proteus (2013), the latter released on MUZAI Records, both are pretty fucking mean. The band also have a single on the compilation It Came From The Attic (2012), alongside Trick Mammoth, of which Millie is also a member. Astro Children have been on hiatus for a wee while, hope they come back from their astrological wanderings soon…

From outer space to the forest. From their Facebook page.

Live Astro
Astro Children! Images from their Facebook page.

The video for ‘The One We Start With’ features a variety of baked goods.

Some TING! 听 else for you next time!