Kiwese on Radio New Zealand

This morning I was interviewed by Jesse Mulligan at Radio New Zealand, you can hear the whole thing here: The Expats: Kristen Ng in Chengdu, China.

Though the word “expat” kind of makes me cringe. It brings to mind rich white people who live in private compounds, send their children to expensive international schools and only socialise with other “expats,” doing the “expat” stuff they read about in their “expat” magazines. People my colour are usually called immigrants. Lol. Anyway.

Here’s the photo with Jung Chang, author of Wild Swans at Writers Week in Wellington.


Here’s info about Birdstriking playing in Wellington this Saturday.

And here’s the full track he played at the end, 爱在一方 by Chengdu producer CA1XR.

Thanks for listening!