Tell You What 2016

As the annual exchange of useless crap among family and friends beneath a conifer pine approaches, Kiwese is here to shamelessly remind you that Tell You What: Great New Zealand Nonfiction 2016, published by Auckland University Press, is available in stores now! 

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Earlier this year, I received an email from Auckland editor Jolisa Gracewood. She’d stumbled across the blog, and was keen for Hanzu in a Headscarf to be included in this year’s AUP collection of New Zealand nonfiction that she was editing with Susanna Andrew. The piece is a cultural commentary on the relations between Han Chinese and the Uighur from my perspective as a huaren wearing a headscarf in Xinjiang. While the piece delves into a little of the region’s historical background, it is by no means comprehensive. It is merely a spread of personal impressions

I was initially unsure how the photo-heavy, hyperlink-saturated blog version would translate to print with no block quotes or colours to supplement the text. Jolisa and I edited back and forth for several weeks, shifting the structure, cutting the flab and discussing the likelihood of a New Zealand prose readership knowing who Mufasa was. Shout out to Jolisa, Anna and the team at AUP for including a piece from this blog alongside the work of actual writers. Lol.

The book arrived at my house this week. I excitedly sliced it open the package with a cleaver and tucked in. I’m not even halfway through and am loving it. So far my favourite piece is Ali Ikram’s awkward interview attempt with Keri Hulme. Check it out, give it as a meaningful gift, perhaps even rid yourself of the compulsion to give your loved ones random crap you bought on sale at The Warehouse.

You can view the book here at Auckland University Press. $30NZRRP.