VIDEO: Ian Jorgensen / Blink / A Low Hum | Interview in Beijing

For any fan of indie music in New Zealand, the name Blink, the moniker of Ian Jorgensen, and his label A Low Hum is straight up household.

The all ages shows he put on in Wellington back in 2006 have had a profound influence on me. No longer did we have to try get into San Fran on our sisters’ 18+ cards. Those AA shows facilitated a way for us kids to be part of the local scene and to support it, slowly and painfully stream demos on dial-up MySpace pages, mosh out with the big kids and buy $12 EPs down at Real Groovy. Shaky Hands, So So Modern, The Mint Chicks, Tiger Tones were just some of the bands I was exposed to via A Low Hum when I was 15 or 16, undoubtedly sparking a passion for independent music within me that continues to this day. Inspired and shit, *cries*

So it was with huge joy and a decent amount of fangirlism that I caught the overnight train from Chengdu to Beijing and was able to interview Ian while he was touring with Shocking Pinks last month, the first real date of a 60+ show plus world tour.

From organising and curating the sorely missed four-day secret line-up festival Camp A Low Hum, writing DIY manuals, throwing New Year’s Eve parties and recently publishing 15 years of his own music photography, Ian has returned to (one of the things) he does best – touring the world. Check it out.

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Header image: DJ Blink playing choons at the School Ball, Campus A Low Hum 2010.