KIWESE (奇异思)
est. 2013.

Wellington-originated, Chengdu-based online publication about indie culture in China and Aotearoa with a focus on live performance and documentation.

Kiwese aims to better meaningful connections through arts, music, travel and culture; rather than ties based merely on the potential for bettering the economy.

Touring | 中国巡演

Kiwese is an independent touring label and promotion agency with a focus on underground collaboration and overland travel.

Past China tours include:

  • 2015: Orchestra of Spheres x Lady Lazer Light
  • 2016: mr sterile Assembly
  • 2017: The All Seeing Hand x Kaishandao x E N T
  • 2019: WOMB x Strange Stains x Laura Duffy x Christopher Ulutupu

About Kristen | 关于伍思听

Kristen Ng is a Chengdu-based Kiwi with ancestral roots in Taishan, Guangdong. Upon moving to Beijing as a language student in 2013, she started the multimedia blog Kiwese (www.kiwese.co.nz) to promote independent music, arts and culture across China and Aotearoa. In 2015, Kiwese established itself as a touring label for New Zealand acts in the Mainland.

Kristen also plays and performs music as Kaishandao 开山刀. She is the co-facilitator of Chengdu Community Radio and regularly collaborates with venues, labels and studios across the city. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Chinglish.

Photo / Rachel Brandon
Photo / Rachel Brandon


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