KIWESE (奇异思)
est. 2013.

Wellington-originated, Chengdu-based online publication about indie culture in China and Aotearoa with a focus on live performance and documentation.

Kiwese aims to better meaningful connections through arts, music, travel and culture; rather than ties based merely on the potential for bettering the economy.

Touring | 中国巡演

Kiwese is an independent touring label and promotion agency with a focus on underground collaboration and overland travel.

Past China tours include:

  • 2015: Orchestra of Spheres
  • 2016: mr sterile Assembly
  • 2017: The All Seeing Hand x Kaishandao x E N T

About Kristen | 关于伍思听

Kristen Ng is a Chengdu-based Kiwi with ancestral roots in Taishan, Guangdong. Upon moving to Beijing as a language student in 2013, she started the multimedia blog Kiwese (www.kiwese.co.nz) to promote independent music, arts and culture in China and Aotearoa. In 2015, Kiwese established itself as a touring label for New Zealand acts in the Mainland.

Kristen currently handles bookings and promotion at live music venue NU SPACE in Chengdu. She also plays and performs music as Kaishandao 开山刀. She has lived in China since 2013 and is fluent in English, Mandarin and Chinglish.

Photo / Rachel Brandon

Photo / Rachel Brandon



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