5.9 The Or, Sonicave, 群像, Luca @ 13Lounge Chengdu


为了让你的耳朵从干涸数月的现场音乐得到滋润,The World Underground 和 Kiwese 共同于 5月9日(星期六)在 13Lounge 为你呈现这波成都摇滚节奏。

来自地下世界的摇滚乐队 The Or群像乐队 和 Sonicave,以及 DJ Luca 将为你带来一场震撼人心的音乐盛宴。从哥特式后朋克到新式迪斯科,我们邀请你加入我们的行列,在与世隔绝的氛围中寻求慰藉。



As we shed isolation for summer’s embrace,
As the world continue through lockdown,
As we reimagine ourselves and the future,
—— the bands play on.

Hydrating your ears from the drought of live music, The World Underground and Kiwese are ecstatic to present this wave of Chengdu-fed rock and rhythm on Saturday 9 May at 13Lounge.  Featuring a mighty crop of bands for your ear-busting pleasure. Spanning gothic post-punk to nu disco, you are invited to join us, and seek solace in collective isolation.

We all have a lot of hope for the future. For our cities, our people, and our artists. Please join us for a night of Chengdu’s best, curated by friends. Music can uplift even the most hardened soul, so please come support the cautious re-opening of our city and venue spaces.

See you in the pit, KN, JY, 1d & 13Lounge


Poster Art by Tony Cheung


the Or组建于2017年,是一支来自成都的三人乐队,由主唱王可,吉他&主唱邓飞,鼓手肖旭东组成。音乐风格为Indie Rock与Brit Garage。我们既爱物质,也享受精神的独立。歌里有回忆,不动声色的愤怒,还有及时行乐的态度。比起繁复精致的深沉表达,更喜欢简单粗糙的直接力量。毕竟生命不容等待,谁也没有太多时间,你听到的,就是我们所思想的。 

Upfront, crude, direct. Wielding shards of indie and garage rock, The Or is a three piece band from Chengdu composed of vocalist Wang Ke, guitarist and vocalist Deng Fei and drummer Xiao Xudong. Their music explores feelings of nostalgia, anger and independence. Life is too short to mess around. What you hear is what you get.


群像乐队植根于后朋克,在黑色旋律的掩护下,更多的是融入了早期PUNK的暴躁粗砺和对六七十年代老乐队的喜好。一个热爱排练多过演出的乐队,一次黑暗绵延的后朋克之旅,来自他们的暗面之声。 主唱 (Vocal):麻吉 (Maggie)吉他 (Guitar):带鱼 (Dai Yu)贝司 (Bass): 小予 (Xiao Yu)鼓手 (Drummer):何阳 (He Yang)

Exploring the deeper shades of post-punk while channeling the abrasive grit of pioneering bands from the 60s and 70s, Qunxiang are a four-piece band from Chengdu. Dark melodies, scattering basslines and screeching walls of guitar feedback. Sink in and see.


她们执着于后朋克的审慎克制和哥特式复古美感,退缩在人群之外,不介意孤独,徘徊而不迷惘。她们更是分布在成都的年轻力量,如果你看到她们的演出现场,你一定会被他们强劲而阴冷的律动和后朋中渗透的哥特情绪激出个冷颤 。—— From 赤瞳音乐 

Steeped in introversion, wandering yet not lost. Grasping at the prudent restraint of post punk, Sonicave‘s sound is a potent combination of strong, cold rhythms, razor sharp delivery and chilling gothic aesthetic. The band released their debut album ‘Rushing Hours’ on Ruby Eyes Records last year.



Disco, glam, magic. Luca is a member of Syncopation. Never failing to ignite the dancefloor with retro and electro curveballs, Luca helps loners seek for individuality by constructing perceptual and powerful dance music.


Line Up
The Or

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