Womb + Strange Stains: 2019 China Tour Dates Announced

From a rural forest clearing, through punk dive bars, reconverted rehearsal rooms and beyond, Kiwese is proud to present Womb and Strange Stains on their debut tour of China.

With support from Laura Duffy, Christopher Ulutupu and a selection of exciting local artists, next month this ten-date tour of the Mainland is ready to take off in style.


Womb are a three-piece ethereal-wave band hailing from Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa. Featuring Charlotte Forrester on vocals and guitar, Haz Forrester on synth, and Georgette Brown on drums, the three siblings once upon a time inhabited the same womb, and have now come together as a band.

Womb creates oceans of sound – from alt-folk soundscapes to the outer boundaries of dream-pop, where swirling synthesisers intersect with tenderly plucked guitars and otherworldly singing. Rooted in folk while reaching to the edges of the sonic stratosphere, Womb’s music is a textural, emotional soundscape that effortlessly blends into a myriad of settings, blissing out audiences upon grassy fields, in dive bars, or encapsulated in an astronomical observatory.

Since their humble beginnings in 2015, Womb have released a self-titled EP, a steady stream of singles, and their debut album Like Splitting the Head from the Body (2018) all via local Wellington alternative and experimental music label Sonorous Circle. Their album received critical success and a cult following within the New Zealand underground music scene and beyond.

They have headlined many sold-out shows throughout both the North and South Islands of New Zealand and played at renowned festivals including Newtown Festival, Cuba Dupa Festival, The Others Way, Camp A Low Hum, Chronophonium, NOW and A Gathering in the Forest.

Womb have supported international acts including Alok Vaid-Menon (Dark Matter) and SPIKE FUCK, as well as some of New Zealand’s finest artists, including Hera Lindsay Bird, The All Seeing Hand, Mermaidens, HEX, Street Chant and Glass Vaults. The band has performed in many different venues, from churches to planetariums to New Zealand’s national museum, Te Papa.

Channeling the power of the cosmos, sibling trio Womb look forward to bringing their magical sound to audiences in China this summer.



Strange Stains
is one of the many projects of Cooki Stains; producer, singer, visual artist, and designer. Cooki grew up in Rotorua, a sulphurous, thermal hotspot of bubbling stench and mineral beauty, she now resides in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, the earthquake prone capital of Aotearoa; elemental cities of a living earth, that pulse with deep bass and unpredictable rhythm.

Her singular approach, and excitable energy, bring mesmerising and luscious performances of industrial-pop soundscapes that encourage footloose abandon. Inhabiting a nightlife where people lose themselves in Fever Ray and Lydia Lunch, Strange Stains contemplates the nocturnal with one finger raised to the toxic, and welcomes in the joy of unconditional acceptance.

Homemade Ableton beats, her faithful synth, and a strapped on microphone are just some of the tools used in crafting fresh aural stains that amplify the poetry of this bogan Madonna.

Strange Stains is a mainstay at New Zealand’s top DIY festivals, many of which celebrate diversity, community, and the absurdity of our surreal existence. At these festivals, such as NOW, Chronophonium, and Nowhere, her music can often be heard heralding the approaching night of sensory exploration, or sometimes it is the beat for the souls of the dancing shoes that are still hot to trot in the wee hours.

Cooki can be found working alongside Aotearoa bands like All Seeing Hand, and Disasteradio, and Australian bands like the Erasers. She has toured Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and has had an artist residency in Japan, where she also played shows. She has had three releases on cassette through Albert Basement, All Gone, and Dubbed Tape; you can also find her music on Bandcamp.





Kiwese Proudly Presents…

Womb + Strange Stains
with Laura Duffy & Christopher Ulutupu
China Tour 2019

Sat 29 June – 哑 DUMB Festival, somewhere near Guangzhou
Tue 2 July – Real Live, Xiamen w/ Cheesemind
Wed 3 July – Maker Live, Fuzhou w/ The 尺口MP
Thu 4 July – Loopy, Hangzhou w/ Shponka
Fri 5 July – Prison, Wuhan w/ Ex Luna
Sun 7 July – NU SPACE, Chengdu
Tue 9 July – Subterranea 2k19, 13Lounge, Chengdu w/ Kaishandao & more
Wed 10 July – Vein Lab, Xi’an w/ 大治
Thu 11 July – DAFA, Tianjin w/ DivisionControl
Fri 12 July – DDC, Beijing w/ GUIGUISUISUI






奇异思很荣幸向大家宣布:来自惠灵顿的飘渺独立民谣乐队Womb将联合电子音乐人Strange Stains在今年的六月、七月带来他们的中国巡演首秀。

Womb乐队是来自Aotearoa的Te Whanganui-a-Tara(毛利语:新西兰的惠灵顿)的三段式仙音乐队。Charlotte Forrester是主唱和吉他,Haz Forrester负责合成器,Georgette Brown是鼓手。乐队成员是三个亲兄弟姐妹,他们原来曾在同一个子宫里被孕育,现在在同一个乐队里演奏。


自2015年低调出道起,Womb已经通过惠灵顿本土的独立和实验音乐厂牌Sonorous Circle发行了一张同名EP,稳定的几首高质量单曲,以及首张乐队专辑《Like Splitting the Head from the Body》(《仿佛头身分离》)。他们的专辑首推就相当成功,并在新西兰的地下音乐圈获得了极大的追捧。

他们在新西兰的北岛和南岛的演出经常售罄,在一些著名的音乐节上,如Newtown Festival, Cuba Dupa Festival, The Others Way, Camp A Low Hum, Chronophonium, NOW 以及 A Gathering in the Forest,也会看到他们身影。Womb助演过的国际性艺术项目包括包括Alok Vaid-Menon的二重奏《Dark Matter》和SPIKE FUCK,他们也跟很多新西兰优秀的艺术家合作,包括但不限于:Hera Lindsay Bird, The All Seeing Hand, Mermaidens, HEX, Street Chant 和 Glass Vaults。无论教堂、天文馆、还是新西兰的蒂帕帕国家博物馆,Womb都留下过自己的印记。


Strange Stains是Cooki Stains的众多身份之一;此外她还是制作人、歌手、视觉艺术家,以及设计师。Cooki成长在新西兰的罗托鲁阿(Rotorua),一个富含硫磺元素的暖和旅游胜地,即散发着臭,又有着矿物的美。她现在住在地震频发的Aotearoa首都Te Whanganui-a-Tara(即新西兰的惠灵顿)。地球上的元素之城让她的音乐充斥着低音贝斯和不可捉摸的旋律。

独特的演绎,集聚的能量,Cooki用工业流行音景的引人入胜表演鼓励人们自由放弃。人们迷失在in Fever Ray和Lydia Lunch音乐的夜场中,Strange Stains用一只手指将毒液调到夜间,感受着被无条件接受的欢愉。


Strange Stains是新西兰顶级DIY音乐节的中流砥柱,其中的大多数都歌颂多元、社群,还有我们超现实存在的荒谬。诸如NOW,Chronophonium或者Nowhere的此类音乐节,听到她的音乐常常预示着感官探索之夜的来临,或者是在凌晨时分为依旧不停止的舞鞋准备的灵魂节拍。

Cooki常和新西兰的乐队一起工作,譬如All Seeing Hand和Disasteradio。像Erasers这样的澳大利亚乐队身旁也常有她的身影。她曾在印度尼西亚,澳大利亚,新西兰巡回演出,在日本艺术家驻留期间她也做过演出。通过Albert Basement,All Gone和Dubbed Tape的厂牌,她已经有三个卡带发行。Bandcamp也可以听到她的音乐。

Womb + Strange Stains
嘉宾:Christopher Ulutupu

6.29 广州 哑声音艺术与电子音乐 DUMB Festival
7.02 厦门 Real Live with Cheesemind
7.03 福州 Maker Live with The 尺口mp
7.04 杭州 Loopy with Shponka
7.05 武汉 Wuhan Prison with Ex Luna
7.07 成都 NU SPACE with Christopher Ulutupu and Laura Duffy
7.09 成都 Subterranea 2k19, 13Lounge with Kaishandao & 朋友
7.10 西安 未来俱乐部Vein Lab with 大治
7.12 天津 DAFA with DivisionControl

The Womb and Strange Stains China Tour 2019 is presented with support from the New Zealand Consulate in Chengdu and the Wellington Xiamen Association.

See you on tour!