Kiwese Prize Pack Giveaway!!

One year ago, amidst the panoramic plume of grey sky and uncontrollable heating units of Beijing, over a tenuous VPN connection in a dank, cramped dorm room at BLCU, Kiwese was born. 

To celebrate this milestone, Kiwese has a prize pack to giveaway to one lucky winner!

Room 210, Jiu Hao Lou, December 2013. The birthplace of Kiwese.

Room 210,  九号楼, December 2013. The birthplace of Kiwese.

This is a bunch of original notes I hacked out while thinking about what I wanted Kiwese to be:

  • Rehumanising the way NZ and China interact with each other
  • Dodging stereotypes, modernizing perceptions, increasing awareness, avoiding awkward hakas and martial arts displays
  • Giving voice to those in the NZ and Chinese communities who are doing awesome shit that no one knows about
  • Not specialised towards an ethnic group. For all who are interested in the topic.
  • He tangata he tangata he tangata
  • Celebrating difference, bonding over similarities, acknowledging the ugly
  • Making China a topic for discussion instead of target of judgment. An alternate dialogue to trade/milk/real estate/etc
  • Foster the dialogue, enter the lounge

I think there is now a stronger need than ever for more fresh perspectives from China and New Zealand – we need to remind ourselves that New Zealand is not this utopian paradise of photogenic mountains and equality for all, likewise, China is not just a sprawling mass of polluted cities and internet censorship.

I hope that you have all enjoyed the journey so far as much as I have. The New Year holds plans for an updated format to make the site more accessible and shareable with our friends in China.

Thanks to all people who have been a part of this blog so far and to the bands, artists, photographers, poets and spicers for generously contributing their work to this birthday giveaway!

The exxxtremely limited edition (ie. one) prize pack includes:

  • x 1 God Bows to Math (AKL) and Pairs (上海) split “7
  • x 1 Carb on Carb (AKL) China Tour poster
  • x 2 ‘Permanent Vacation’ 1 & 2 zines, stickers and badges from Kerry Ann Lee (WGN)
  • x 1 ‘New Kiwi Women Write Their Stories’ poetry collection, edited by Renee Liang (AKL)
  • x 1 CD of ‘1984’ by P.K 14 (北京)
  • x 1 CD of ‘Mechatronics’ by the All Seeing Hand (WGN)
  • x 1 CD of ‘Elephant’ 《象》by the Hormones (成都)
  • x 1 CD of ‘Sacrifice Mountain Hills’ by Skip Skip Ben Ben (北京)
  • x 1 Jar of X-Claw Chilli Oil & t-shirt from Sichuan Spice (WGN)
  • x 1 UP THE PUNKS zine and photograph by John Lake (WGN)
  • x 1 signed Flat3 poster (AKL)
  • x 1 Nova Heart sticker (北京)
  • x 1 I HEART BJ t-shirt
  • x 1 Pack of Zhongnanhai 8s
  • Stickers from 少城 Shaocheng NUART Festival (成都)

The tour poster. Art by Nicole.

Sound checking at Wave Livehouse in Suzhou on a v. high stage

Tightly Wound at Mao Livehouse

Thanks, God Bows to Math and Carb on Carb! READ: God Bows to Math Make Some Noise in China, Carb on Carb, Rice on Rice

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.40.31 amScreen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.07.53 pmThanks to KAL! READ: Enter the Lounge with Kerry Ann LeePerforming poetry at WOMAD. Image from The Big Idea.Thanks, Renee! READ: The Literary Blossom: Renee Liang



IMG_5686Thanks to the Hormones 荷尔蒙小姐! READ: Not Just a Girl Band: Interview with Ming Ming from the Hormones

Yum yum yum yum Sichuan Street Noodles.

Can you take the heat? Sichuan:Spice's notorious X Claw chilli oil in the middle.

Thanks to Brad and Jing at Sichuan Spice! READ: Spice Up Your Life

Hard copies!

IMG_6510Thanks, John Lake! READ: Quit Punkin’ Around

Skip Skip Ben Ben and P.K 14 featured in Some TING! 听 #003 and Some TING! 听 #004 this year. Both out on Maybe Mars. READ: Haere Mai Nevin Domer: Getting Maybe Mars to NZ. 

"It's for our non-wedding photo album, of all the guests holding different fruits,"

flat3 posterThanks Perlina and the Flat3 crew! READ: Flat3 in the Super City

The All Seeing Hand as THE BLOB. Image from

The All Seeing Hand and that all seeing eyeball at Valhalla 5 July 2014. With Orchestra of Spheres and Seth Frightening.

Thanks Jonny, David and Ben from the All Seeing Hand! READ: High Fiving the All Seeing Hand

A shirt for all those who love BJ.

A shirt for all those who love BJ.

To be in to win, simply like Kiwese and share the link on Facebook, then send your name and address to

This competition is open to all Kiwese readers!

The lucky winner will be drawn on Monday 5 January and the prizes will be sent from Wellington and Chengdu!

Good luck, happy holidays and thanks for reading.